About Us

Vista Investment Group, LLC (”Vista”) is a privately held real estate investment firm, engaged in the acquisition and active management of commercial property located in urban infill markets throughout California, the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and Texas. The Los Angeles-based company was founded in 2008 by Philip Barach and Jonathan Barach, to focus on value-add and opportunistic strategies in the multifamily, mixed-use and office sectors. To date, Vista has acquired 2,500 multifamily units and over 2 million square feet of office space.

The Company's founding principals, Philip Barach and Jonathan Barach, have combined more than 50 years of real estate and investment experience. Philip Barach is the company's founder and managing principal. Mr. Barach is also the co-founder and President of Doubleline Capital LP, an LA-based money management company with over $150 billion of assets under management. Jonathan Barach is the company's co-founder and President. Jonathan oversees all investment activities of the firm and is responsible for its growth since inception.

The Company is internally capitalized by its principals, allowing it to quickly respond to opportunities and close on its commitments without the risks and delays of raising external capital. Vista is a privately owned and managed investment company, providing flexibility in financing alternatives, product types, time horizons, and return requirements. The Company’s lean structure and highly liquid capital base allows it to move quickly into markets and investment opportunities. Vista Investment Group pursues middle-market real estate investments where it can maximize long-term appreciation and lock in strong risk-adjusted current yields.