Vista’s investments have consistently generated risk-adjusted returns that have outperformed the overall market. The company achieves strong cash-on-cash returns and asset appreciation by renovating, re-branding, and improving the operations of each asset in which it invests. Vista's history of being ahead of the market in successfully identifying emerging neighborhoods has also been a catalyst for the firm's success. Neighborhoods such as Echo Park in Los Angeles, Vancouver, WA and Gresham, OR were markets identified early in their ascension. By repositioning these properties in emerging neighborhoods, Vista extracts the highest value from the real estate and provides renters an improved product to live and work.


Residences @ Woodlake

Acquired:  July 2016

Sold:  December 2022

IRR:   24%

Equity Multiple:  3.0X

Trailmark Apartments

Acquired: February 2020
Sold: May 2022
IRR: 58.1%
Equity Multiple: 2.71x

The Pointe Apartments

Acquired: June 2019

Sold: August 2021

IRR: 48%

Equity Multiple: 2.3X

Valley Creative Center

Acquired: February 2016

Sold: August 2021

IRR: 24.8%

Equity Multiple: 2.9X

Vasona Tech Park

Acquired: December 2017

Sold: July 2021

IRR: 27%

Equity Multiple: 2.2X

Franklin Heights

Acquired: April 2017

Sold: February 2019

IRR: 40%

Equity Multiple: 1.9X

Pico Studios

Acquired: October 2015

Sold: October 2019

IRR: 30%

Equity Multiple: 2.9X

2581 Junction

Acquired: October 2016

Sold: November 2018

IRR: 46%

Equity Multiple: 2.3X

Sunset Formosa Apartments - West Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA

Acquired: October 2012

Sold: June 2017

IRR: 26%

Equity Multiple: 3.0X

Avondale Apartments - Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA

Acquired: February 2012

Sold: April 2017

IRR: 30%

Equity Multiple: 2.9X

Avenel Apartments (JV) - San Jose, CA

Acquired: October 2013

Sold: December 2016

IRR: 25%

Equity Multiple: 1.9X

Vermont Apartments - E. Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA

Acquired: July 2015

Sold: August 2016

IRR: 67%

Equity Multiple: 1.7X

Todd AO Building - Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA

Acquired: October 2012

Sold: November 2015

IRR: 46%

Equity Multiple: 3.2X

Avalon Apartments - Koreatown (Los Angeles), CA

Acquired: January 2012

Sold: November 2015

IRR: 46%

Equity Multiple: 4.3X

WHITLEYhouse Apartments - Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA

Acquired: October 2010

Sold: March 2015

IRR: 24%

Equity Multiple: 1.8X

Koreatown Portfolio (3 properties) - Koreatown (Los Angeles), CA

Acquired: October 2009

Sold: November 2013

IRR: 23%

Equity Multiple: 2.2X

Note: For those properties acquired with low leverage or all-cash - WHITLEYhouse, Avondale, Sunset Formosa - levered IRR and equity multiples assume property was acquired with market leverage and borrowing rate for the period in which it was produced

Vista targets value-add and repositioning investment opportunities in the multifamily and office sectors. Target markets include all gateway cities in California, as well as Seattle and Portland. Vista maximizes accretive leverage on its investments in order to achieve project-level IRR's of 18% or better.

To contact us for track record, a full list of our properties and potential investment opportunities please email Jonathan at or Michael at

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